Valentines Day what are your plans?

So, any thought to a gift for your loved one? Are you going the traditional route with a card and a bouquet from Flowers by Rachelle? Or dinner downtown at the Hotel Diamond followed by a stroll over to Shubert’s for some handmade truffles? Or maybe, you would rather stay in with a nice bottle of wine, some takeout, and a movie?

Are you one who likes to think outside the box? Making a gift at Mia’s Beads or Glazed Creations, better yet, go and create something together. For me I am hoping to pick up a bag of groceries from S&S Produce, and make a dinner with some friends, after all everyday is a good day to tell people that you love and care about them.

You can also visit our Business Directory for some local shopping for gift ideas.

Do you know the history of Valentines Day?

There are many popular legends to how this holiday of lovers came about. The most widely accepted conclusion is that it is the day to honor the death of St. Valentine. Now there were a few different men name that shared the name Valentine within the cult of Saints. However the most popular version of the tale is only about one man.

During the reign of the Roman Empire over most of the Mediterranean territories, Emperor Claudius II needed more soldiers for his many battle fronts. The main concern of men during the era was that of leaving their loved ones at home while they went off with the possibility of dieing in battle. To circumvent these feelings of longing and heart ache, marriages and engagements were outlawed. A priest by the name of Valentine decided to start marrying young couples in secret, thereby defying the recent decree of his Emperor.

When Claudius found out about Valentine’s treachery he was jailed, but not before he had made a very big impact on the society. Young people from all around would toss flowers, and notes up to his cell window. There was one girl that shined above all the rest, the jailer’s daughter. She befriended the priest during his incarceration. She visited him everyday and they would talk for hours. They became very close friends over this time.

On the morning he was to be martyred he wrote her a final note thanking her for all her friendship and loyalty. He signed his final note, “Love from your Valentine.” We have accepted his final message today as an imparting clause to our love notes, the ability to keep anonymity of our romantic interests, and to declare our everlasting affection for our lovers.