Going Green In Chico

Well, it appears that spring is in the air. WooHoo! This is my favorite time of year in Chico. The birds start singing, the grass starts growing and the flowers and trees light up our world with an array of color and beauty. Our world is coming alive again. There are so many things to see and do in the beautiful North state and this is the perfect time of year to get out and do them.

As a community I believe that we have always been “earth minded” folks. Having Bidwell Park running through town reminds us daily that we have a responsibility to our home and our environment. Now with a cultural focus on “being green” we have more information available to us on “how to be green?” than ever before. Literally this information is at our fingertips. Search the web for “green” ideas and see if you can challenge yourself to make one change, then another, and so on. Before you know it, you will be living in a cleaner world.

Planting a garden is a wonderful way to bring a green spring into your home. Last year I watched as my friend and her two girls (2 & 4) planted container gardens on their deck. They grew amazing tomatoes and about a dozen other things. The girls loved the experience, learned how to tend a garden and are excited to plant it all over again this year. Check out Chico’s Farmers Market and local Chico Nurseries for seedlings and plants to get the garden started. Don’t forget the Thursday Night Market starts April 3.

Make sure to plan a trip to up to Table Mountain in March. For those of you who have been you know the beauty, for newbie’s it is a site NOT to be missed, fields and fields of color and beauty. The trails in Upper Bidwell Park are amazing this time of year. Make sure you have good shoes and socks. I like to shop for my gear at Gates Resale, and other local shops. Also, make sure to take along plenty of water and a snack.

Saturday March 22 the Easter bunny will pay a visit to Caper Acres, contact CARD for more information. Another annual event Chico Kite Day will be held March 30th at Community Park, contact Bird in A Hand for more information. With the sky clearer at night a trip to the Chico Community Observatory will provide access into the stars. To better understand the “stars” pick up a copy of the Lotus Guide. Their motto is “Helping to heal the world, one community at a time.”

Spring in Chico is the best time of year; make sure to spend plenty of time outside taking in the beauty and abundance that we live in. Make a “Spring Resolution” to continue to keep this beautiful area that we live in “green”. Smile at your neighbors, and always remember to play nice.

Safe Journey— Kris