Well, it is May in Chico!

We are winding down the school year, looking forward to graduation and the sleepy quiet town we become in the summer when the students head home. This is a time to enjoy the outdoors, before the sun gets too hot and the air conditioner calls us back inside.

One cool thing happening this month is BikeChico! May 11-17. The event starts on Sunday May 11, 2008 in the city plaza, with booths shops and gear. Then for the week ride your bike to work, school, shop and play. There are various events scheduled all week long, ending with a community picnic on the 17th. A good way for us to learn more about biking, and well, with the gas prices…

Another great thing about this time of year is the art festivals. The first Saturday of every month, different studios open for a tour. It is a great way to see some of the local artist of Chico, and support local merchant. Friday night concerts are going full blast in the downtown plaza and always reminds me what a diverse group of talented musicians we have in this town.

Both the Thursday night market and Saturday morning market are hopping right now, flowers, strawberries, and arts and crafts. A wonderful way to get out and enjoy the weather and socialize, you never know who you will run into at the market!

On a more personal note, PLEASE be careful out there. At this time of year, we get out the bikes and skates, we garden, hike in Upper Park, and spend time outdoors. Remember, sunscreen, helmets, pads (if needed), cell phones, and SAFETY! This is a busy time of year at emergency rooms, with sprains and breaks off all sorts. Use your safety gear and have a GREAT time!

Safe journey—Kris