I love Chico in June…How about you?

The students are gone and locals can reclaim downtown for the summer. The atmosphere is laid back, mellow, and friendly. It is the time of year for Friday night concerts in the park, and the Synthesis is sponsoring some Saturday night concerts too. One mile is open and a great place to people watch. Just up from one mile is Sycamore Baseball field where the city shows a movie once a month. There is nothing quite like sitting under the stars watching a good ol’ movie with friends, family, neighbors and of course red vines.

If you should feel like getting out of town, but don’t want to head too far with the gas prices, check out Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding. Through September they are running a show called Bodies Revealed, an exhibition of real human bodies, which will change the way you feel about your body…forever.

It is a great time to head out to The Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife foundation in Durham. It is home to a variety of non-releasable, endangered live animals. The Chico Creek Nature Center is also a good resource for anything related to Bidwell Park.

If you have never tried the swimming holes in Chico, make this the year. First a quick hike on the Yahi Trail and then jump into Salmon or Bear hole to cool off. Make sure to follow all safety guide lines.

This brings me to Bike riding and safety. I have noticed an increase of bike riders in town. I am sure due to the high gas prices. Riding a bike is great exercise and a terrific way to get around cheaply, but PLEASE WEAR A HELMET. You can pick one up at any of the local bike stores. It only takes a second to change your life forever, and bike accidents are a serious issue.

Enjoy the weather,

Safe Journey — Kris