Beat The Heat In Chico

Well, the heat has arrived, not to mention many days of living in smoke. How do we Chicoans beat the heat?The infamous Chico ‘beat the heat’ is swimming at ‘1-mile’. It’s cool, it’s free, and it is hands down the best place in town to people watch. This is where ALL of Chico comes together, and I am reminded of the diversity of Chico.My other favorite ‘beat the heat’ is Tinseltown movie theater. A matenee, with popcorn, soda, and Red Vines in all that glorious air conditioning! If you time it right, you exit the movie as the cooling down has begun.Strolling in the Chico Mall is the perfect way to stay cool and get some exercise. Plus you never know what great bargain you’ll find at anyone of the abundant mall stores!How long has it been since you’ve been Roller Skating? Cal-Skate is the place to go for great music, air conditioning and a throw back in time. Don’t worry you can still get 4 wheeled skates, and the feel of Cal-Skate is one you won’t forget. Cal-skate also has a terrific putt-putt course for those of you willing to endure the heat. You can also check out The Roller Girls, on various Saturday nights. Good Family Fun not to be missed,Jon & Bons, any pool, the library, the downtown shops, all ways to stay cool and enjoy the summer while LOVING Chico!Safe Journey~Kris