September is here!

I have been feeling an awakening of sorts.  With the students returning to town, there is a change in the energy, a pushing of sorts. It feels like ‘New Years’ to me. We all know how the next 10 months will go. Vacation Breaks for Students, the seasons, the holiday parties. In Chico, summer is the quiet restful time, and now the New Year begins.

So, what about some resolutions; Getting back to the gym, Northvalley Athletic Club, Fit One, In Motion fitness all are great clubs depending on what you are looking for. Eating better; S&S Produce, Chico Natural, Trader Joes, all offering goods close to the earth and good for the soul.

Lots of people move this time of year. Make sure to check out 2 Men and a Truck and Brady’s moving and storage, for all your moving needs.

Take up a new hobby. J.J. Lares Professional Calls will teach you how to make your own duck calls. Chico Area Flyfishers, Honey Run Quilters, and Azad’s Martial Arts Family Center. Feel like trying to draw, sculpt, or paint then Ellis Art & Engineering Supplies has everything you could possibly need, and is a cool store too.

If you haven’t tried it yet, pick up a copy of the **Lotus Guide - Natural and Holistic Health Foods and Issues**, and make sure you check out their new web directory of Alternative Needs.

Lots to savor; Happy New Year!
Safe Journey ~ Kris