Guide to finding a Massage Therapist

Before turning your back on any massage therapist, you should know the qualifications of the person to whom you are entrusting your body’s well-being.  In this regard… doing your homework is important— as a self-taught or poorly trained therapist can unintentionally harm you!    


Selecting a therapist from a website, yellow pages, craigslist, television or newspaper is ok, but should be carefully scrutinized.  These Medias are for advertising and do not screen for the therapists who are self taught, operating businesses illegally, have labor board issues, or provide escort and sexual services. If you’re considering a therapist from any of these sources—telephone them first and ask about:


·         Training; 500 hours min. ~ 1000 hours preferably  

·         Degrees, Accreditations and Certifications; qualified experience is the most important factor

·         Specialization; experience with specific conditions (cardiac, post operative, arthritic, prenatal, etc)

·         Number of years they have been in practice and where

·         The location of their practice; is it a professional atmosphere

·         Techniques which are offered

·         Do they carry Professional and Commercial General Liability Insurances

·         Do they belong to local civic organizations, i.e. Chamber of Commerce, etc

·         Are there references or reviews which may be seen

·         Do they have a website and does it provide you with information


If there is any doubt or apprehension on their part to provide this information… it is in your best interest to say—“Thank you and goodbye!”


Another way to find a qualified therapist is from a referral… ask a friend who uses massage therapy regularly as an alternative health care, whom they use… they are not likely to refer someone whose skills and techniques have not been beneficial to them.  Still not sure… ask your physician, registered nurse or alternative health care provider whom they use and recommend.


Therapeutic massage is a wonderful way to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and enrich your life… choose wisely—and enjoy!

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Expert Contributor: Wendy Chen, former Registered Nurse for 17 years and owner of Wendy’s Massage