In today’s economy, building smart and affordable is paramount!  Consumers and businesses alike… are attracted to building “Green” and the seemingly low costs involved with pre-engineered steel buildings construction, but still aren’t quite sure whether it is a viable option when compared to more conventional construction.  Let’s take a look at the distinct differences between Steel Buildings and Conventionally Wood Framed Buildings before considering which way to step forward with your project—take into account the following:

  • Steel buildings have been around for over 60 years; a proven technology and track record
  • Pre-Engineered for your building site; reducing or eliminating architectural & engineering costs
  • Simpler and faster to construct; saving time and money
  • No weather delays; steel can be erected during rain, snow and other inclement weather factors
  • Steel has proven performance in high wind and seismic zones; vastly exceeding other methods
  • Steel is “Green”; it contains a minimum of 25% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable
  • Customization for a variety of purposes; commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, etc.
  • Incombustible versus combustible; a reduction in annual insurance costs and liability issues
  • Non-combustibility; allows a significant density increase in commercial and multifamily structures
  • More building square footage on site; fire codes allow the use of larger steel structures on a site
  • Greater variety of users; codes often limit the type of users in conventional wood framed buildings
  • Larger open areas without support structures; Far greater clear spans are achieved with steel
  • Steel building remodels and expansions are simpler; pre-engineered for a smoother transition
  • Indoor air quality is enhanced; steel does not emit volatile organic compounds or breed molds
  • Long term maintenance costs are reduced; steel is resistant to rot, termite and insect infestation


There are many other advantages too numerous to list— Simply put… Steel buildings are the practical, affordable and code approved solution to many of the limitations that exist today when using conventional wood-frame type building materials.

Want a classic look to a portion or all of your building?  If you’re concerned that steel buildings only have one look-and-feel… rest assured that advances in steel construction now mean that your building can take on any look you wish. Steel siding, in colors, is no longer your only choice—you may choose a stucco, wood, brick or block, glass or any other façade you wish to set your building apart from all others.

In a nut-shell… Steel buildings are an affordable way to build— and they outlast all other conventional methods of construction.  If you’ve changed your thinking and are now considering a Steel Building… you’ll enjoy the other short articles in our segment on Steel Buildings—Good Reading!

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Expert Contributor: Daniel Hays, a 36 year Design~Build Specialist and owner of TheSteelBuilder.