Marvelous Construction: the Power to Build!

marvelous-shield-bordered.jpgIn a slowed down economy with dissolving construction work, a builder has to stand out from the pack. Two hard working guys decided not to wait for the phone to ring and started their own business despite the apparent lack of work in the building trade. Marvelous Construction answers the call for most any home improvement job and features the dynamic duo of Andrew and Chris who are nothing if not versatile.

Their website lists a prodigiou s set of abilities in building and finishing work.  Marvelous Construction is able to handle plumbing and electrical work along with carpentry and construction jobs, indoors and out. Though very versatile, these are not your typical handymen or fix-it guys. Andrew and Chris take on large projects: add-ons, remodels, roofing, drywall, and door and window replacement. They are often hired to design and build decks and stairs and Andrew has a talent for building elaborate gates and pergolas that grace any backyard and pool area.

Their most popular work is turning out to be kitchen and bath remodels. From simple cabinet refacing to custom-made work islands and floor to ceiling renovation, Marvelous can turn an old kitchen into a modern, efficient place you’ll want to spend all day in.  Hardwood floor installation and tile work are also part of their repertoire.

Custom built furniture is the specialty of Chris Fisher who has 30 years of experience in his trade. He has made just about anything you could name– sideboards, cabinets, bars, armoires, desks, bookcases, tables and chairs. All his pieces use solid wood with matched grain and are stained or varnished by hand to an elegant finish. You can see some of his pieces on the website.Marvelous

Summer is winding down, but there is probably still time to take advantage of their whole house painting offer. Two tones, Valspar professional paint, up to 1600 sq. ft. and all trim for just $3995.00. The company is certified by the EPA in lead paint abatement so they can assess and remedy hazardous lead based paint from the past.

Why Marvelous Construction? Andrew Dubbs is a comic book afficionado and came up with the name of his company and its logo as a tongue in cheek tribute to Marvel Comics. Their work trucks are customized with large red, white, and blue graphics which make their presence known. Says Andrew,  ”wherever our trucks are parked, they draw kids like magnets.”

And remember, everything they build is Made in America.