Got Bugs?

Got Bugs?  Get Gecko Pest control in Chico Ca.   They have been providing insect control services in the area for years.   Choose one of our Pest Programs.

Organic Hybrid, this is my favorite pet-friendly service.    Out in the yard where your pets play, and on the inside of the home we only spray natural products and baits.  Just a small area next to the home and the eves for spiders we will treat with a traditional pesticide.  The small area is all we need to keep the bugs and insects out of your home.   All our products are pet and family friendly.  This gives an excellent control of pests around your home with the comfort of knowing only organic products are used where you spend the most time.

Our Traditional program is meant for bug-a-phobes.  This program we use both traditional and organic products.  Our focus with this program is to keep all signs of pests away from the property.  We still use organic products when they make sense.

Organic-Natural program:  This program is for the people that are most sensitive to pesticides around their home.  Becuase organic products break down and lose effectiveness faster, you must be somewhat tolerant to pests.  This program works great, especially for spider control.

The most abundant pests in the Chico area are Spiders, ants, silverfish, earwigs, and cockroaches.  Chico also has a large rodent population, (mice and Rats), because this area was formally orchards.

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